Can A Dog Dewormer Be A Cancer Cure???

Over the past month, I have repeatedly heard about credible stories of people with advanced stages of cancer experiencing healing after taking a dog dewormer. I presume the reason I’m learning of their tales is that they’ve seen my artemisinin story and how I am convinced it has kept further tumors and cancer at bay for me since 2021. As one individual states, “about half the people think I’m just crazy and half the people want to know more and dig deeper.” Candidly, there’s no better summary than that of my own experiences when I’ve shared the whole artemisinin thing with people diagnosed with cancer.

Being told I had a 30% survival rate for 5 years, my thinking regarding alternative treatments was, “What do I have to lose?” In a flash, it all changed for me when a business associate, trained as a Chinese doctor, told me about artemisinin, an herb they’d been using in the Far East for thousands of years to deal with “abnormal growths.” Hence, my own research and hearing these personal stories about fenbendazole resonates BIG TIME. I’m NOT a physician and I’ve never attempted to tell anyone they must take artemisinin or anything else for that matter. In my own experience, I continued with traditional Western medicine treatment protocols. I just added alternative therapies and I was fortunate to have an oncologist that was on board with me doing that (not that it would have made any difference). That said, I do not comprehend why so many people who have been handed a death sentence and told to go home and die, are not open to the possibility that maybe just perhaps there’s another option. There was another option for me… and it seems to still be working after more than two decades! No more tumors and no more cancer. Yes, I still do the artemisinin therapy every 6 months.

This local news story on Joe Tippens dog dewormer cancer cure got my attention. Want more details? Listen to this hour long video with Mr. Tippens being interviewed by Rob Ahlgren. And then there’s Joe’s own website where he has a link to his blog, a Q & A session, the protocol, and other success stories related to fenbendazole.

While I continue to believe artemisinin has contributed to me being tumor and cancer free for 22 years, I would not hesitate adding the dog dewormer to my regimen if I were diagnosed with any form of cancer today. In fact, I’ve already found and saved the link for the supplement Joe recommends on Amazon. His protocol is not complicated. One in the morning. One in the evening.

I HATE CANCER! My 36 year old daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after learning she was pregnant with their third child. Walking with her through this entire experience made me hate cancer even more. My wonderful mother died from gall bladder cancer. The strong woman who birthed me is a two time breast cancer survivor. Yes, it’s a personal thing for me on many levels. Further, I do NOT trust BIG PHARMA or the cancer industry and their pure profit motives one bit.

Bottom line: I do not understand why a person who has been diagnosed with cancer is not open to at least trying alternative possibilities alongside traditional Western treatments! I fully realize we’re ALL going to pass on at some point. I also know that we have an enemy who has come to “steal, KILL, and destroy.” There is a promise in Psalm 91 that deeply touches my heart and that I regularly pray and claim for those I dearly love as well as myself: “With a long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” (emphasis mine) I’m not clinging onto every little thing to try and preserve my life. Rather, I am determined to live my full span of years that my Heavenly Father has prescribed for me here on Earth and not be taken out prematurely. May the same be for YOU! And if you know someone facing the scourge of cancer, share the above links on Joe Tippens’ story. A few of them might want to know more and dig deeper. It could be life changing.