Welcome to My Website

Thank you for dropping by and checking out my website.  One of my writing mentors, a best-selling author, drilled into my head that to be a successful novelist, my mantra had to be:

  • Butt in Chair
  • Head in the Story
  • Putting Words on the Page

In fact, were you to call me, you would probably get my voicemail which says you didn’t reach me because I’m likely doing exactly those three things.  Writers must write!

Celtic Oak CoverThat does not mean, however, I don’t make time to communicate with my readers.  I do!  The best way to keep abreast regarding what I’m up to is to subscribe to my VIP Newsletter.  If you do, expect an email every other week with behind the scenes information about my stories and me.  You will also be among the first to hear about new releases.  But that’s not all.  Celtic Oak is a short story prequel to my Thin Places romantic suspense… with a touch of fantasy book series.  It is available as a free download exclusively to my subscribers.  You read that correctly.  It is not published in the public domain.  It is not available for purchase anywhere.  Once confirmed, subscribers receive an email with the download link.

I’m also somewhat active on Facebook and Twitter.  I welcome you to follow me if either of  those are your thing.  You’ll find those buttons on the right.

Now, back to writing…