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Subscribe to my VIP Newsletter and instantly download Celtic Oak -- my FREE "thank you" gift.   This short story is only for subscribers and not available to purchase.  It is set 60 years before Thin Places: Santa Fe.  Returning home from World War II reopens Roibeard Cheyne’s wound caused by the death, a year and a half before, of the woman he loved who promised to wait for him.  He suspects it was no accident and enlists her twin sister to help him learn the truth about what…or perhaps who…killed her.  What they discover is far different than anything either expected.

Once again Ben Coleman draws you into a grand adventure! Celtic Oak immediately grabs you and pulls you into a fantastic story. A story that you can immediately relate to. The normalcy of Buck Cheyne makes connecting with him and hoping for his triumph over adversity very real. Celtic Oak delivers excitement, sorrow, adventure, and romance with each page. I always look forward to each book in the Thin Places series...and you will too!
Scott A.
Upstate New York

I really enjoyed the book. It was nice to know the beginning of the story. I personally like to read it in order but this was nicely presented. I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the Thin Places series!

S. S.
San Augustine, Texas

Ben Coleman's story, Celtic Oak, was a page turner. I read it in one sitting. Absolutely could not put it down. Each finished chapter left me wanting more details. If you are curious to know more about Buck's heritage here is the place you will find it. Actually, Ben could write a series on the lives of Buck's grand parents and I hope he will.

Lynda C.
Mayflower, Arkansas