New Genre

As I complete the fourth book in my romantic suspense… with a touch of fantasy fiction series, Thin Places: Dallas, I’m expanding into a new genre.  During the 1970’s (seems like a lifetime ago), two books made a lasting impression:  Angels on Assignment by Charles & Frances Hunter and Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis.  For the past year or so, I’ve been contemplating several story ideas somewhat related to themes from these works.  At last, it’s come together.

Upon publication of Thin Places: Dallas this summer, I’ll be turning my attention upon a trilogy in the Fiction > Religion & Inspirational > Christian > Mystery & Suspense genre.  If you’re not familiar, think The Shack as a genre marker.  My trilogy could partially be described as Angels on Assignment meets Screwtape Letters. My novels will be earthy and real with characters you come to love… and loathe.  And I intend to underscore the current reformation of grace spreading throughout the world today.

It is particularly exciting that working on this trilogy is the fulfillment of another deep desire and goal.  My wife, Rebecca, will be collaborating with me!  In a few days, we celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary.  Despite our many years together, I still expect some fireworks as we plan, plot, and write.  She’s never been a wallflower.  LOL

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The Thin Places series will continue.  Buck, Liz, and their friends still have many adventures to traverse.  The plan is to write two of these novels each year.